Monday, February 04, 2008

Your comments

I'm a bad blogger. Two people have said I've made their day and given me an award for it, and I haven't acknowledged them. So I want to thank Sharon and Shelly for their generosity. I also want to thank Joan S. for your kind comments yesterday. It's good to know that even though I get few comments I do have readers. Thank you everyone who has commented.

Emerald, thanks for trying out the patch toe. I'm glad you like it. Yes, you're welcome to link to it. May you and yours stay out of harm's way as you do your duty.

For those of you curious about how I'm doing with the tablet mouse, it's working out very well. I haven't yet used it for drawing purposes, but for working with Knit Visualizer it was so much less taxing than using a standard mouse. Working out the chart for the Norwegian sweater for the Ethnic Knitting KAL was a piece of cake.

My good friend Witt asked me if I would knit a pair of socks for him as his hands won't knit tiny gauge. He has a new pair of clogs and wants socks to show off. For him I'd knit him a Kaffe Fassett sweater, he's such a sweetheart. So I'm knitting a pair in Noro Sock yarn colorway 150. It's a little stiff but it's softening as I'm working it. The color changings make up for the stiffness of the yarn. OOOhhh! Blue!

For those of you wondering if I've been affected by the snow, I haven't but some of my siblings have. Spokane had their 4th snowiest January on record (up to 28 inches on the ground) and Klamath Falls needs shovels. The little kid in me wants snow but the adult in me is thankful that we don't have ice. And hearing from other places in the country we're pretty much in the banana belt this winter. So no complaints here.

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TheBunny said...

Hey I saw Lisa from Unraveled on the news tonight. I haven't been there since I moved to Hillsboro. I miss it so much! It is still the best store.