Saturday, December 15, 2007

The only place where there ain't no snow

And we're not classified as a warm clime. Storms have been crossing the country and dumping snow and ice in the Midwest and East like nobody's business. Here in the Pacific NW we got our wind/rainstorms resulting in floods but no snow. Occasionally the weathermen whisper there being a chance of snow, which appears as a flurry or two then nothing. I know many would like it to stay that way but I wouldn't mind a few snow days off from the office if nothing else but to take it easy on my hands, which are getting cranky again.

The weekend has been busy so far with getting gifts ready for distribution for the office and family. The cats have been curious what with all the goodies strewn across the card tables set up for the process. They can't be any good. There's no catnip.

The holiday concerts went very well this year. The weekend concerts in Salem and Corvallis were well received and the annual concert at the Portland PFLAG chapter's December meeting was a lot of fun. My good neighbors and friends Ruth and Laurie attended the Portland concert and got to chat up with my fellow choristers. Now we're on break until January. Tonight I'll watch the Portland Gay Men's Chorus' performance (with a few Confluencers in the chorus and in the audience) with the knowledge that I'll be able to spend my Sunday lazing about the house.

My brother Grant and SIL Yvonne sent a wonderful treat. Years ago our mom would make cookies and candies for Christmas. Amidst the spritz and nut brittle would be these fancy Santa sugar cookies that we kids would help decorate. They had raisin eyes, coconut frosting beards and hat brims, and red food coloring cheeks. The mold Mom used ended up falling apart from so much use and substitutes were attempted but the substitutes were never quite as good as the original. Well, Grant found on line the original makers of the molds and sent me a set of them. It was such a treat to see them. I'll have to see if I can find the recipe Mom used for the cookies to see if I can recreate them. Yvonne also sent two loaves of her nummy breads, banana walnut and pumpkin date pecan. Mmm!

I hope you're doing well with your holiday projects and that the commercial brouhaha isn't getting you down. So far I've been able to ward it off with judicious use of the mute button. The lights people have been putting up have been beautiful to view. And there's always the joy of singing to put smiles on folks' faces.


Tiggywinkle Knits said...

I know I have your email addy somewhere; "somewhere" being the operative word there. ToolMan is working on your lazy kate and needs to know: you wanted it 4 inches off the floor to avoid kitty fur; would an enclosed bottom do the trick?

Ted said...

Okay. I want to see pictures of the Santa cookies, all decorated up.

I read about those molds in a cooking magazine about 10 years ago, and I'm just as curious about them now as I was then.