Friday, November 16, 2007

Thucydides, Thales, Thackeray, and Thorogood

I took a visit to Yarmando's blog and he had this test's results posted. He was apologizing for having a blog that requires a college level reading ability. Apologize not, dear friend! You could wail along about the idiosyncracies of the histories of Thucydides, expound in miniscule detail the axioms of Thales, and ponder the plots of Thackeray. But I know in your secret soul you yearn to rock on to George Thorogood.

So how did I merit on the test?

Puspicking, pencil nosed, planarial pissants.

There's a knittin' goin' on.

On a whim back in August, I visited a garage sale that advertised yarn. It turned out to be one from a woman who had toyed with the idea of starting a yarn shop but didn't get started. She had free issues of magazines and yarns for sale. Amidst the yarn I found some hemp that didn't feel like gardeners twine. It's been sitting around since but when I thought of what I could make for friends for the holidays, the idea of table centerpieces came to mind. So I've been experimenting with the yarn and liking what I'm getting. It's not easy to work up as it has no give like wool, but once it's blocked the piece will be nice to have. Durable but pretty. The leaf pattern is from a scarf that has the double decrease in the middle be [sk2-k1-ps2so]. The result is a centered decrease stitch. It's a little stiff to execute in the hemp, but I really like the look of it.

Tomorrow the PDX Knitbloggers are gathering for an extended day of holiday project knitting. The Louet wheel will be accompanying me for working up the last of my OFFF alpaca goodies, a blend of alpaca and Jacob wool in a deep dark brown. Mmmm.


Tiggywinkle Knits said...

I got High School. HUH? How the hell did I get high school and you got elementary school?

Carol said...

I got Genius. Hmm, not sure how THAT happened.