Thursday, November 29, 2007

Contemplating defection

Last week I got an invitation to hear the West Linn Community Chorus from my neighbor Laurie. I had been trying to lure her to Confluence but the commute to Salem on Sunday has been the biggest obstacle, even with the bonus of carpooling with two wacky fun choristers. Now I don't say she's trying to lure me over to WLCC, but the idea of just driving to West Linn instead of to Salem is attractive. So I checked out their website and learned that they rehearse on Thursday nights. Another attraction (Thursday's a dead night for me). I saw the listing of songs they're singing. Nothing too easy or dull. Hmm.....

I'm riding with Laurie to rehearsal tonight and will attend their concert next week (Dec 7th). I'm committed to singing with Confluence through most of 2008 as I'll be going to GALA Festival 8 in July. But there may be a possibility of trying out this chorus for their spring season. We'll see.


The holiday gift knitting continues apace. I am taking pictures of the finished items but of course can't show them here. But I can say that I'm using stash yarns for making the items and the washing machine will be busy churning away very soon to do its magic. I'm finding that size 9 needles go very well with Cascade 220 and think that a sweater would be nice to make.

Next year's project list has already begun. There's a KAL going on tied with Donna Druchunas' book Ethnic Knitting Discovery for making a sweater. I have WIPs I need to finish (like that nice Rogue sweater). And I'll be spinning up more yarn to go with the Shetland/alpaca I spun up earlier this year. I also need to get going on writing up patterns to go with the Interlacements yarns I received. I'm hoping that when I'm done with holiday gifts I'll be ready for something with tiny yarn on size 3 needles.

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