Thursday, June 28, 2007

Your comments

I wanted to get in a quick post to answer a couple of comments made on my hot flashes and my hair. It's going to be quick because I and my friend Reid are going to a live broadcast of "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" tonight, complete with my fave Roy Blount Jr and guest Gert Boyle of Columbia Sportswear.

Jan asked: Can you get Edy's juice bars where you are? That's my recommendation for getting through menopause--lime or lemon. Eat them or put one on the back of your neck (the latter is a little messy, but what the hell...) I think they come under the name Breyer's and yes they are yummy. However the carb load would be too much for the amount of heat I'm generating. We're talking 68 degrees F is too hot for me some days. But I've heard there are scarves out there with coolant inserts that you can drape or tie around your neck. I've seen something of the sort on fellow hot flashers (the menopausal kind--shut up).

Cynical Gal Who Knits commented that I look great. Thanks. That haircut was in 2002, a growout of when I had my head shaved for a benefit (I got 200 bucks out of corporate for the Oregon Food Bank). I know; I should have posted a current picture, but I was feeling too sweaty and gross to post one. I was blonde for a couple of years but went back to reddish-brown after my scalp went on strike against the bleaching. A shame really. Anyhoo, my hair's 4 inches long and has a natural soft curl that's colored medium-blah brown and silver-gray. I don't have enough gray to leave it uncolored and I don't like the brown, so I tint it. I just did it last night in this color and in the natural light it looks great. In the bathroom at the office it looks so fake. But it's not tri-colored: blah-brown and gray roots with faded red-brown tips.

Thanks for stopping by, kidlets! Family reunion this weekend!


Melissa said...

About a year ago my doc sent me to an accupuncturist for anxiety. In addition to helping with that, this is my second year in a row that I have not had to take antihistamines all spring - I literally have not taken ANY for the past 2 also regulated my body temp and I no longer have hot flashes...I love that these "side effects" were things I wasn't even thinking accupuncture would help with, and yet the results speak for themselves...


Jan said...

Well, if you really don't want to melt a lime bar on the back of your neck, the Vermont Country Store on-line catalogue sells the "bandana coolers." You soak them in water and little pellets inside trap water (and coolness!). And, as far as I know, they're no-carb.