Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A blustery day

Today was one of those days where I dream of cuddling up in a blanket on the couch with a hot drink and a good book. A full view of the wind casting the year's leaves about on the street and rain streaking the window is necessary to give that feeling of coziness. This is my favorite time of year where the colors are vibrant and ever changing each day. It's a time of change. The weather changes. The sky changes. The trees and shrubs change. People are changing as they absorb new knowledge in school and donning warm clothes. They speak of experiences ahead that will never be repeated. This tree will not be the same orange next year. This child will know more about her world. The rain will stop for an hour before the next squall line comes through.

Halloween with a black cat

One thing that I've done each year around Halloween is keep a close eye on my cats. Since Buster graced us with his presence 4 years ago, I've been extra vigilant in keeping him indoors for several days until Halloween is past. Nothing says temptation to an animal abuser than a friendly black cat on Halloween. Buster was not at all happy about spending the day and night in the house but we got through it and today he was able to go out. But he was one testy cat that nearly spent the night in the cold basement last night, the monster.


DianeInChico said...

Ha! I did the same thing with Sammy, our black cat. He was locked in the garage (with a heated bed), and not pleased this morning at all.

After pointedly going OUT, he decided to come back in and spend the day in the warmer climate of the living room :-)

Anonymous said...

Just like very small children, they just don't understand the dangers out there. Better to be safe than sorry later.

This is one of my favorite times of year also. I like to bake and cook more at this time. Pull out my warmer crafts.