Tuesday, January 24, 2006

So what is it with cats and boxes? I get something in the mail and the first thing my cats want to do is get in the box. This is Maisie, the queen bee of the house, commandeering an Amazon.com box. "You will obey my every command.....you will feed me when I want food.......you will let me sleep in your lap as long as I want to......you will cater to my every whim and get rid of that sunnuvabitch of a cat you introduced to us three years ago......"

This is the other cat in question:

On a knitting note, I've fallen victim to temptation and joined the Knitting Olympics. Yep, I'll be part of the insane group of knitters who will be casting on their projects February 10th with the goal of finishing them by February 26th when the Olympic torch is extinguished in Torino Italy. I'll be knitting a cardigan sweater in Rowanspun (I couldn't help it, Mother, I succumbed to temptation! The touch! The texture! The fact it's a discontinued yarn so I won't be able to see it ever ever again!). But not only will I be knitting a sweater. I will be rehearsing and traveling to NYC from the 16th thru the 20th for a performance with my fellow Confluence choristers at Carnegie Hall. It's a good thing there are long flights to and from for knitting time.

I'm not the only wacko--um, dedicated knitter who is up to the challenge. PodMama Brenda is co-captaining the Welsh Knitter contingent, complete with its own button. Once her site is up for the group, I'll link you to it. For now you just have to contend with the button and a picture of my swatch.

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