Sunday, January 15, 2006

It's been a couple of weeks since my last posting and a very busy one, what with choir librarian duties, rehearsals, and work. All the knitting I did over the holidays culminated with a bout of tendonitis in both hands and arms. Then last Wednesday I came down with the flu and I've been forced to not do anything but sleep, drink fluids, and watch bad television. No knitting has meant that my tendons have had a chance to heal up. So what do I do after feeling better? Pick up a WIP (work in progress) and start working on it.
The scarf started out with this cast on, three hundred on size 15 needles.
I knew it was going to be long, but it ended up being much longer than I expected---like 19 feet. I'll bind the scarf together at the cast on to make the edges ruffly and shorten the length. Kind of like doing a steek in a sweater, only I'll undo the stitches and tie the ends so that they are fringe.

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