Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Peace Blanket and Opal Sock Yarn Back in February 2005, the chorus I sing with, Confluence, received a letter inviting them to send members to sing "Sing For the Cure" with members from 17 other GALA choruses from the US, Canada, and outside North America. The performance, which would include "When We No Longer Touch" , would take place in February 2006 at Carnegie Hall in New York City. When the invitation was broadcast to the chorus, I knew this was going to be an opportunity of a lifetime that I could not pass up, even though it would be a challenge for me to raise the funds to go. So after some thought, I came up with making an afghan with meaning then raffling it off and using the funds to help cover the expense. It was before we knew which requiem we would be singing but I felt the subjects would limit who would purchase raffle tickets. I knew of the Peace Blanket and had read the story behind it in KnitLit (Too) . It would also be my response to the Iraq War and the terrorist bombings. So I have been working on this piece with the goal of completing it by the end of August. The top, which is my redesign of the blanket, is completed. To protect the floats, I made a back piece that incorporates my signature and the date (it also broke up the rows upon tedious rows of stockinette!). Both pieces were done in the round so after cutting the steeks, I bound them together with a crochet edge that will work as the foundation row for my border. The border is of my own design, which means trying to figure out what to do with the limited amount of yarn I have left. It was a closeout, so I can't get any more yarn once this is used up. =8P Anne has requested that I post a pic of the Opal sock yarn waiting to be knitted into socks. Here you go, missy!

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