Saturday, July 30, 2005

Confessions of a fiber freak..... Woodland Woolworks -- I swear I'm getting to be a junkie there. It's an hour & a half drive from my house through the beautiful Yamhill County countryside and all you see that marks it as a fiber shop is a spinning wheel atop their sign. Inside is their retail shop with walls lined with fiber tools (needles, crochet hooks, spinning supplies). On the floor are racks of yarn, shelves of roving, kits, books, tools, and other goodies. Then there's the clearance room with discontinued yarns, books, and tools such as spinning wheels, looms, combs, and spindles. Upstairs is their weaving supplies room. Today I drove there, avoiding the Old Fashioned Festival in Newberg, only to see a "Closed" sign on their door! If the warehouse doors weren't open, I would have thought I had missed a message they had posted on their website. But as it turned out someone forgot to turn the sign. =8) It was the last weekend I'd have to myself for a while and I was in need of some serious indulgence. I left with a number of books that were on sale, a new swift, a Fricke jumbo skeinwinder, and some Brittany 10" needles. No good yarns to steal my heart in the Clearance room though I was tempted by the closeouts on Opal Yarn. If I didn't already have 5 skeins of Opal waiting for my sockneedles to get to work on them, I'd have picked up another. Current project: This tea cosy from Sarah Bradberry's website. I'm going to alter the top a bit; it's for a friend of mine who's returning to work after recuperating from a total hysterectomy.

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