Sunday, June 20, 2010

Getting sheepish

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and other men out there who give joy, security, and comfort to children. There are few things quite as tough as being a Dad. It's a job that once started has no ending but the rewards when you succeed are indescribable. There's no manual -- just the guidance of other dads if you're lucky. I didn't know my dad well but I treasure the moments in my childhood when we did connect. What he gave me was the confidence to move forward, compassion and respect for those in need, and an optimism that helps get me through the rough times. Thanks Dad.

Black Sheep Gathering

The annual Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene was this weekend and it did not disappoint. Mostly geared toward spinners and weavers, it had plenty of goodies for folks to choose from. This year I was focused on finding tools that I needed for my drum carder and looking for bargains. I came home with a doffer, a tool like a large awl used to remove batts from a drum carder, and a flat brush I can use to smooth the batt on the carder. Visits to my favorite vendors -- Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Dicentra Designs, Crown Mountain Farms -- came away with goodies.

When I hooked up with my friend Barb, she was busy selling handspindles for Steve and Connie of Spindlewood. I stayed with them but not without walking away with another handspindle which I promptly put to work. People came by and watched me spin away on this pretty little spindle.

I didn't go down alone. Cindy, who is in the process of starting up a shop in the Pearl, did the driving and was focused on finding sources of fiber and yarn. She was a BSG virgin, so she prepared beforehand with a printout of maps and vendor information. She did exercise restraint and came away with a fistful of cards. She knew that as a shop owner she could get the materials later to play with. [BEG]

This guy had been fed and was placidly chewing his cud. Such a picture of contentment.

I celebrated my birthday this week. Not a lot of hoopla but had many well-wishes. I went out to dinner and enjoyed a delicious steak at Sayler's Old Country Kitchen. When I came home I found my internet access was down, so the next morning I took my netbook to work to catch up on my email. It was a very pleasant surprise to find over 60 emails waiting for me, mostly birthday greetings sent to me via Facebook. It was very sweet. My friend Linda did leave a goody bag at the office for me. She's such a card. One of the sheep she gave me looked like he could be a pilot. What do you think?

My birthday wasn't the only birthday lately. Agent D had a birthday before mine and he was not feeling very good about it, claiming it was his entrance into fossilhood. During breaks and lunch I worked on that depression along with a special project. On his birthday, he received his surprise and the delight he expressed was worth all the crafting. He had seen the project in progress but he had no idea it was going to be for him. Tee hee! So folks, meet Walter the chameleon.


Nigel Pottle said...

I love the Cameleon. What a great present. And the pilot sheep is great too. Wonderful birthday presents all round.

Tiggywinkle Knits said...

I see Barbara in one of your pictures; teaching someone to spin, of course! Looks like you had a good time at BSG - I'm going to get there, someday; seems something comes up every single year! Love the sheep and the chameleon!

Sharon Rose said...

Oh man... BSG... can't believe I had to miss it. Call me! 503-964-3422