Sunday, February 28, 2010

Knitting Olympics 2010

The last time I posted it was the beginning of the Olympics and the parallel events of Knitting Olympics and Ravelympics. In past years I've been an enthusiastic participant but this year I've had a few challenges. A deadline for a project kept me from pulling two weeks out of the knitting schedule and illness in various forms interfered in other ways. So consider me the knitting athlete whose medal dreams are sidelined by the vagaries of nature and time. There will be other opportunities.

This year's broadcast of the Olympics disappointed me. There were too many commercials, too many cuts from one sport to another, and too much commentary during the events. I was glad to be able to watch the curling but at one point I was so annoyed with the commentary I turned the sound off. There is word that ESPN is vying for the next contract for broadcasting the Olympics. I hope that if they succeed they do a better job of broadcasting. NBC was awful this year.

Last weekend the NorthWest Regional Spinners Association had their board meeting at the Aloha Grange so there were vendors and a spin-in. I had a good time meeting up with a number of my spinning buddies and partake of the wares of local vendors. I found some beautiful fiber for future batts; silk hankies and a bell; angelina fiber in copper, red, and purple; targhee and merino/silk blends in warm browns and gold.

Last weekend was also a time for getting together with friends. Saturday morning I met up with a friend I hadn't seen in a couple of years for coffee. He was dealing with the aftermath of an accident where he had been struck by a car while crossing the street. It was great to see him though I missed seeing his wife who was ill with the crud. We had spent many fun times together camping and partying so it will be great to be back in contact with them. Sunday was my monthly pinochle group which started with a potluck of nummy roast, root vegetables, salad, and fresh bread from Grand Central. While it was marred with a last minute catastrophe in the basement when a pipe clog forced our hosts to shoo us out of the house, the pinochle gods were in my and my partner's favor, granting us three sets won.

Update: I finished the pattern write up I needed to do including the charts just before the closing ceremony began. It hasn't been tested but that it's completely written and charted was one goal I wanted to meet during the Knitting Olympics. Ooorah!!

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