Sunday, October 18, 2009

In living color!

One mitten down. One to go. The new modem's on its way. Keep your fingers crossed. In the meantime, here are a few pictures from events in the past few weeks.

Franklin Habit made it to Portland during OFFF weekend. He made a call out to his Dolores Devotees for help in arranging it and I was able to hook him up with Knit/Purl. He was quite delightful and very happy for my assistance in getting him to the City of Roses. It was my pleasure, Frank.

Judy "JMCO" Becker has adamantly said she would not learn how to spin. While my fellow spinsters are still trying to convince her to take up the craft, I've opted to take a different tack and lure her to my handspun. I spun up some Dicentra Designs merino silk into fingering weight yarn and gave her the yarn to play with. She came up with a stunning wrap that has garnered many compliments. You can read her full story of the wrap on her blog. Fabulous job Judy!

There was also Spin In Public Day in Hillsboro where we encountered rain but no one shied away from it. Not even the small fry. Baby Hazel and Mama Rachel were there with their February sweaters.

Then there was OFFF. The Spinnerati and Knitbloggers had tents on the main lawn but shade was a premium. By the end of the day we were huddled against one side of the two tents to keep from getting cooked. We had visitors from regulars like Tina Newton of Blue Moon Fiber Arts and Morgaine of Carolina Homespun to newcomers Frank Habit,

Rabbitch, and Oregon newcomers Condom Amulet Naomi with her "spinster" husband Ron and Sivia Harding (welcome!).

Another notable was this lovely lady who spun while she walked over 300 miles. This is the sweater she knitted from the yarn she spun.

Karen wore her lovely stashbuster shawl and fell in love with some mohair locks, but being the nonspinner she needed someone to spin them. I offered my services. [BEG]

Soon to come: SOAR! I looked over the requirements list for the classes I'm taking and figure I might as well pack the suitcase acquired earlier this summer with everything but the kitchen sink. In the meantime I'm preparing my arsenal because you don't know whether you may come across this.


ZarahPDX said...

I am so going to Netflix that. Priceless.

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

That's a beautiful mitten. I'm going over to look at Judy's stole; it looks wonderful, too.

Thanks for the update. I even see me!

knitknigel said...

What a great mitten - what are you using? Is the coloured yarn Kauni? Nice to see you with Franklin - you both look great.

Shelly said...

Killer sheep?! I believe it. I once had to run across the pasture in my socks after Blackie knocked me down and I threw both shoes at him. PsychoPshetland he was.

bobbins said...

I just came from Judy's site and was admiring the gorgeous stole she knitted from your yarn. Lovely, lovely yummy yarn. How generous a gift to a good friend!

Now I have a new blog to read!

Jane said...

Beautiful mitten. Looks like a lot of fun to be had in Portland!