Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sad news

I just heard that Witt Pratt, a good friend from the GLBT Knit list and wonderful sweet man, passed away last night. My thoughts are with Gary and his family. Whipknee will be greatly missed by many.


Wondermachine said...

I’m grieving the loss of Witt, and celebrating his amazing life of beauty. It couldn’t be any other way with Witt. I did the interview with him in White Crane and was fortunate to count him as a friend. I’ve posted something to my blog and a few photos of Witt that I took over the last few years before he moved to Virginia and those mountains he loved so much. My piece for him is at
and at the Gay Wisdom blog at:

JoVE said...

That's a great photo. Very sad news indeed.

M-H said...

Lovely photo, so big and so small. Thanks Duffy.