Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's been quiet

The only sound that has been heard from Chez Runamuck has been the soft click of the Addis cranking out the Queen Anne's Lace. It has become an obsession now. I will finish this sucka by the end of the month. The question will be where the hell will I block it? It will be HUGE.

Gotta go. I'm on row 146. Fourteen more to go.


PNWBookGirl said...

A room the cats can't get into? Tiggywinkleknit's side of the house and a staple gun? ;-)

Roxie said...

T-pins and a king-sized mattress?

Ted said...

Is this the design by MMario? I've been thinking of doing it. What yarn are you using for it?

My word verification is "evoil", which sounds like some kind of body lotion.