Friday, February 13, 2009

And you thought I was nuts

The Yarn Harlot was surprised that there were flowers in bloom here when she came in from Toronto. The garden thinks it's spring. These are the daffodils in the front yard. There have been some nippy days this week, but they're still pushing their way upward. I'm waiting for the andromeda to start its popping of its flowers.

The needles have been clicking away now that the data entry days have passed by. I finished the UO colors hat for the Bossman, who was pleased as punch when he got it. I learned later some were commenting on his Rasta hat. What, there's no red in that! Who said that? I'll set 'em straight.

What's really coming along is the Queen sized QAL. I took one of my extra long circular needles along so that I could spread it out to show how far I've come on it. It's going to be huge. I'm only on row 57 and there are 159 rows to the thing. It's not even fully stretched out. When I showed Dan the artsy sidewise pic, he said it looked like a picture from the National Weather Service. "Warnings are posted for Hurricane Duffy, which at this time is a Category 2 but can easily develop into a Category 5 if that high pressure system doesn't come far enough south to make it veer off to the east."


Brooklynne said...

what pattern is that shawl???

Roxie said...

Love the yarn, too. What is it?

Awntie Spyder said...

love the qal! very nice. sent the pink one to my sister. she called to let me know it arrived and she got so excited she worked herself into an asthma attack. she shouldn't giggle, gush and dance around all at the same time.

Sharon Rose said...

I've always thought you were a force of nature. ;)

Jennie said...

Seriously, what she said. "Hurricane Duffy" sounds so natural.

My iris are coming up--I swear, they're larger every day. Poor things, so crowded it's like a Japanese subway car. But they're growing, bless them.