Monday, March 24, 2008

A quiet Easter

Thank you everyone who wrote in on my knee. I appreciate the support. I don't want to sound like a whiner with my occasional health woes but the world isn't all joy and bubbles. The meds have been helping but yesterday I happened to torque my knee so that the ligaments snapped (kind of like trigger finger). I spent the day on my back with ice on my knee after checking to make sure that I hadn't had a ligament separation. I tried doing some spinning later in the day but I was still sore so I worked on some knitting for Gardiner Yarns.

Good news from the work front. After years of applications and classes, I'm now transitioning from working with insurance claims to working with computer applications. The best part of it is I haven't left the office I've been working in, so I'm reaping the benefits of both worlds. Yay, I'm a geek!


Sharon said...

Ow! Snapped ligaments, how painful! rest easy, I hope you're feeling much better soon. (there's always Bobbie's "remedy", lol) Glad to hear things are going well at work.

Judy said...

This is not good (knee) and you must stop doing horrible things to yourself. Not good. :-( Get better!

This is good (geek job). Yeah. What can I say except "Geek grrls rule!"

Kathleen said...

As my 3-year-old would say, "ouchies!". You're entitled to whine all you want with that injury.

Congrats on your work news!

Jennie said...

Sorry about your knee. Mine made similar horrid noises when I hurt it skiing. I think my curses were heard all over the mountain. Hope it's better already.

And YEAH about the geek job! I hope you'll like it. I'm a geek grrl too!