Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Raising a stink in a good way

I'm on vacation this week. If you think it's to lounge about in yarn shops or traipse the countryside in search of fleece I must burst your bubble. I have a shindig planned the first weekend of October and must get the house in order.

Piece of cake you say? Oh but I house a deep dark secret. I'm a lousy housekeeper. I took my mother's mantra of "There are better things to do in life than cleaning house" and ran with it. I have clutter everywhere. One room is the place where stuff is thrown when I must clean the house in a hurry. I have yarn poking out here and there. If I'm going to have a host of knitters in my house, I must clear up the clutter. I'd get Hercules in here but he'd want to steer a river through which would break the china and felt the yarn. So I'm doing it myself. When it is all done, I will have a stash room and space to host a flock of knitters.


I signed up for Ravelry the 4th of July. I've been patient but now I'm seeing folks getting their invites. I'm nearing the 1000 mark and at the rate the invites have been pouring out I'll be on by the end of the month. This is good because my ISP changed from a dot com to a dot net last month and my Ravelry invite request was sent to the dot com email addy. The ISP is keeping the dot com emails going until January 2008. I don't want to request another invite because there are 18,000+ already behind me. I've come too far to chuck it back again.


Judy said...

I bet if you wrote to Jess and Casey and explained the problem with your email address, they'd be happy to change it in the database so your invite goes to the right place.

Sharon Rose said...

...and if not, I got in on a friend's. When mine comes up, I'll pass it to you.