Sunday, March 18, 2007

Aunties In Stitches

The role of aunt is one of those that varies from family to family. Some aunts are aloof; some are strait-laced; some are out of control; some are wild and fun. Some are a constant presence. Some are never heard from but for an occasional phone call and a Christmas card. Aunts don't have to be blood relatives. It's not unusual for a good family friend to be an aunt to a child.

At the office I have a group called Aunties In Stitches who knit and crochet caps for preemies at one of the local hospitals. We've also done burial gowns and clothing drives for the siblings of newborns. The philosophy behind the group is that every child should have an aunt, because an aunt can be a great source of comfort, share secrets, and provide guidance. This week a project came up that focuses on gathering baby basics for families in need. The Oregon Department of Human Services in conjunction with Soroptimist Clubs are hosting baby showers located in some Oregon cities where folks can drop off goods for babies. I'm organizing folks to knit or crochet up squares for making baby blankets. Folks can create solid fabric squares 9" square out of soft washable yarn, then I'll put them together to make blankets. Twelve squares make a nice sized car or stroller blanket. There are many washcloth patterns out there that would make fabulous squares. If you're interested in participating, please contact me at fiberqat AT gmail DOT com for details on where to drop off completed squares and answer questions.

Update: Abundant Yarn & Dyeworks has agreed to be a drop off point for finished squares. Choose bright or pastel colors for the squares. While you're at Abundant, treat yourself to a coffee or Italian soda or yarn. Thanks!

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Anne said...

Hi! I stumbled across your blog and I was amazed by what I saw! We are doing the same thing!!!

Would you like to join forces? I'm doing a baby blanket drive to benefit Outside/In and Yolanda house ;-).

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