Monday, October 09, 2006

The end is coming!

I'm down to 4 rounds on the shawl. This weekend was a very productive one as I overdid it during the week and my foot is telling me I must slow down. It was while I was at work that I pushed the foot too far, fetching reports for month end. I now have a wheelchair at work (a benefit of working next to a medical equipment department) which is giving me the experience of what it's like being wheelchair bound in a walking world. It's been an eye opener. I've had to deal with my knees not letting me be as mobile as I would like to be, but this puts it in a different dimension. Try it some time for a day and see what it's like to be living below the usual level of eye contact and restricted in movement. My power knitting has given me the strength however to push myself down the long corridors. Cowabunga!!

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JoVE said...

Oooh. Sorry to hear your knees are that bad. But I need to say my pedantic piece about phrases like "wheelchair bound" and "confined to a wheelchair". Just think how confined you'd be if you didn't have it? (or as a quadrapalegic friends says, I'm not confined to it. I don't have sex in it you know.)

Hope you don't have to get used to life as a wheelchair user though.