Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Christmas gifties are finished except for the blocking. The last of the mittens was completed yesterday while waiting for the time to go perform the second of the Confluence holiday concerts. If you're in the area and missed the concerts, you have another chance to see us perform at the Mission Mill Museum which is a most deliciously fiberista way of enjoying both my obses-- I mean hobbies. The concert will be December 21st at 6:30.

Sam and Clark hosted Reid, my carpool buddy and choir friend, and I at their home over the weekend so we didn't have to make the trek from Portland to Corvallis then back on Friday night, then a return trip to Salem on Saturday. They are wonderful folks and Clark cooks up a mean breakfast! It wasn't super gourmet fare but pesto scrambled eggs were quite tasty! Combine that with a leisurely sleep-in and a couple of rounds of pinochle and you have a nice relaxing Saturday before performing again. Reid wasn't too thrilled with his hands but Sam thought I was a fabulous partner. You can thank Bo for that, Sam; he taught Reid and I strategy! Later we went in separate cars and I took the opportunity to go visit Have You Any Wool and Artistic Needles in Salem. I was able to pick up some blocking needles and this.

Tonight it's a concert with the Northwest Community Gospel Chorus performing with the Oregon Symphony. A friend of mine from work is performing with the chorus, so I'm looking forward to seeing her. It'll be loads of fun!

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