Monday, November 28, 2005

Oh the joy of finishing projects!
I've been quiet lately as I've been knitting like a mad thing, trying to get my sister's sweater completed before Christmas. I lost the measurement I had done for the buttonhole placement so the last button hole is a little high (the button band is knitted at the same time as the body). But she won't fuss over little matters like that. The yarn is flecked blue Lion Wool-Ease. I would have preferred finding another yarn but it was what I could afford and considering it didn't do too bad in being knitted up. I hope it doesn't pill too much.
Thanksgiving weekend was devoted to visiting relatives and working on Christmas projects. This is the collection so far of finished presents for the crowd in Spokane. I have a hat and another pair of mittens to make. That's two pairs of slipper socks, three pairs of mittens, one tam, one Klein bottle hat, one aran hat, and two scarves completed for Christmas. I guess I won't have to contact the Yarn Harlot for advice on Christmas UFO's.
So what am I thankful for now that we're in the thankfulness period? I'm thankful I have shelter, heat, and food for me and my three cats. I have clothes on my back. I have a working vehicle that can take me from point A to point B reliably. I have many friends and acquaintances who fill my life with light, joy, song, and laughter. I am thankful that I can live without fear. I am thankful that I can give of myself to others. And if you think I'm being mushy, I'm not. It's all true and from the heart.

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JoVE said...

Not mushy at all. You might also have added a family who appreciates you and appreciates what you make for them (even when it takes longer than originally anticipated). All that stuff is looking good.