Sunday, October 09, 2005

This is what happens when you extend extra credit to one of my cards.

This last week I've been working half days and toward the end of the week I've been pushing my body to stay awake during the afternoon to try to resync my sleeping patterns back to normal. Friday I went to Woodland Woolworks with the intention of getting yarn to match a discontinued hue of red I want for a project. I ended up coming home with Nicky Epstein's Knitted Embellishments, Vogue Knitting on the Go Scarves 1, and enough Heilo for the main color of the Sirdal sweater in Dale's 125th Anniversary book. I did pick up some red but it's too bright for the scarf. So I have 4 balls of Jaeger Matchmaker Merino 4 ply for the stash. I love the yarn, so I won't be taking it back.

Yesterday, I went to the shop for a makeup class for the one I had missed due to my surgery, but saw none of my students. It was a good day though. I've started the Klein bottle hat. I would show you the picture of it in progress, but the fellow who sells the hats doesn't have a pattern for sale and I don't want to infringe on the design copyright.

However, when I went home to rest, I got restless and decided to consolidate and rearrange my stash so that I know what I have on hand. I got to revisit old friends from past projects and rediscover the palette I have available. Of the flatter boxes, one box is full of sock yarn, three have big bundles of same lots, and three have afghan acrylics. The red box is just novelties for scarves or embellishments. I did find a few things I was looking for: my sister's cardigan I started last year; extra yarn I can use for the Klein bottle hat; yarn for my alien baby, and roving I can use for stuffing the alien baby.

Alien baby?

Think this: you're female; you're having abdominal pain in your belly you can't explain; you go under the knife at midnight on a Saturday night. What else can you expect? Baby pix soon; he's in the basement drying after a brief tumble in the washing machine. You can even name him!

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